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My PARANORMAL GOTHIC ROMANCE SERIES captures all that I like best about romances, paranormal activity, and Gothic darkness. Think…DREAMY, SPOOKY LOVE.


-I SHALL RETURN features Lily MacKenzie, a feisty journalist who travels to Scotland to track down her roots and solve a mystery that’s been haunting her for far too long.


-THE WRATH stars Evalina Filmore, a young woman who journeys to England on an adventure, where she discovers much more than she bargained for.


My FOREST IMMORTAL SAGA TRILOGY is the fantastical story of three boys, a dark forest, and a secret. Perfect for ages 10 and up. Think…ADVENTUROUS.


My ANAEDOR FANTASY SERIES is about a hidden world filled with magic, adventure, and strange creatures galore. The books are aimed at ages 10 and up. Think Harry Potter and Narnia come together. Think…MAGICAL.


My PANDORA BELFRY ADVENTURES SERIES is about a 14-year-old girl who has lived her whole life in an insane asylum. You will encounter the macabre, the strange, the unique, and the spirited. Think…QUIRKY.


Feel free to wander around my site – though in doing so, be prepared to encounter various forms of mischief, mystery, and magic! Because without these elements, life is just too boring.


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Heather Suzanne Duane ~2007~


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Kristina at an Author Expo

 To read is my creed. It is indeed. To plant the seed, I teach others to read. A good deed. A societal need. This, I plead…learn to read! #Read


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