Holiday Craft Fairs Already?!

I’ve just signed up for three holiday craft fairs…so far. The first one is on Halloween, which isn’t exactly a holiday, but close enough. I might just have to dress up for that one. What should I be? One of my characters? Spooky? Fantastical? Whatever it will be, I need it to be fab-u-lous. I own a long velvet, emerald green dress that is quite beautiful. It can be spiffed up to look warrior princess-y. I also have a long black dress, which can be transformed into witchy goodness.

Oh, the choices!

Here are the events…I’ll add more as they come.

October 31, 2015 ~ The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Holiday Craft Fair. Location: Gerrish Gym at CBNA in Northwood, NH. It runs from 9 – 2. My first holiday craft fair of the year and it’s on Halloween! If all goes well, I will have a new book to sell, a paranormal gothic romance called Moon Dweller. This is my first time at the CBNA Craft Fair and I’m really looking forward to it!

November 14, 2015 ~ Barrington Holiday Craft Fair. Location: The Barrington, NH, middle school gym. It runs from 9 – 3. I will have two new books (if all goes well) – a new paranormal gothic romance called Moon Dweller and the third book in the Pandora Belfry Adventure series. I will also have my other 11 books available for sale. Looking forward to visiting my old stomping grounds!

November 21, 2015 ~ New Durham Holiday Craft Fair. Location: New Durham Elementary School Gym. The fair runs from 9 – 2. I should definitely have my 2 new books available! I haven’t been to New Durham for a couple years, and I’m looking forward to my visit!

The Dark Lord’s Minion

While at the Author Expo (NEAE) in Danvers, MA, yesterday, I encountered a LOT of authors and illustrators, a mythical fey creature, and three wizards.

And those three wizards wouldn’t stop staring at me, like I was one of the Dark Lord’s minions.


Ron, Hermione, and Harry Preparing to do battle with Author, Kristina Schram


Look at that stink-eye they’re giving me!

But by the end of the expo, I convinced them I wasn’t evil and we became friends. Sort of…


Happier times with Harry and those other two…

I made new contacts and did a fun, brief interview about monsters with Christopher Ouellette for an upcoming podcast for bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson’s Beware of Monsters, which I’ll link you to when it comes out. To top it off, I developed a new story idea for a paranormal gothic romance. I think my new wizard friends were helping me out. It pays to have wizard friends, don’t you think?!

New England Authors Expo

The New England Authors Expo (NEAE)

For those of you in the New England area who love to read, write, or draw, or are interested in the publishing experience, this expo is the place for you. Here are some details:

What is it?  “It’s the largest grassroots literary event in New England” and is organized by Pear Tree Publishing (visit the link for more info.)

When is it?  July 29th, 2015. Opens to the public from 4:00 – 9:00. This event is FREE!

(Authors, publishers, illustrators, businesses, etc. can start setting up by 10:00 a.m. – a  fee is required to reserve a table)

Where is it?  Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, Massachusetts

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.17.16 AM

Who is it?  Authors, illustrators, businesses, writers groups, schools, publishers, and YOU!

And…there’s a free gift bag to the first 100 visitors!

I’ll be in the Garden Terrace Ballroom with my 11 books – two YA fantasy series (The Chronicles of Anaedor and The Forest Immortal Saga), two paranormal gothic romances, and two Pandora Belfry Adventure books. Oh, and I’ll have free book markers, too!


A Magical World

Mountain Clouds

On the way to Lost Gorge

My latest trilogy series, the Forest Immortal Saga, stars three brothers, a dark woods, and a secret. The more you get to know me, the more you’ll see that I have a thing for dark woods. And for magic and the paranormal. And for all things Native American/Indian. And for caves. And for waterfalls, too.

One of the settings in Oswald’s Revenge (Book Two of the FIS) has a number of these elements all gathered together in one location. The area-it’s a hideout-is set in a large ravine with a rock-strewn river, numerous waterfalls, several caves, and giant boulders perfect for climbing. Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves in New Hampshire served as the inspiration for the hideout and it is gorge-ous!

It’s also magical and mysterious…

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Did You Know…?

The word bedlam (uproar, confusion) comes from the nickname given to Bethlehem Royal Hospital, an insane asylum that once had a horrible reputation. It’s also the name of the town in the Pandora Belfry Adventures series.


In Need of Nepenthe

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