Month Five and Still Alive

Six months growth

It’s been six months of grayness. That’s half a year – 26 weeks – 182.5 days. To sum up, a lot of time. And yet…I’m still not very far along. Why, oh, why can’t I have hair like those growing hair dolls (that’s what they call them on ebay)? The ones where you pull their ponytail and out comes more hair?! That would make this process go so much faster (though possibly more painful).

Actually, it’s not that bad, mainly because I don’t spend much of my day looking in the mirror. So I can pretty much forget I’m even doing this (which I’m pretty sure means something good, don’t you agree?). Basically, at this point, I simply want to get enough gray grown in so I can make an adequate assessment of whether or not I like the look on me. Not there yet.

As of this date, no one has made any rude remarks about my hair. No comments at all, actually. That might be a combination of my being a hermit, my being prepared for rude commenting (if you’re ready, it won’t happen), and the fact that people rarely say anything to me anyway. Win-win?

I’ve included two pictures this time because I don’t have much more to tell you that’s any different from what I’ve already said. I’m still going. I’m still not sure if I like it. Still curious.

See you next month!

Six months – side shot


The Gray Journey Continues: Month Four

Five Months of Growth

I no longer have to hold my hair back to show my gray in my photos! Should I be excited about that? Too late. Already there. There are even some parts that if I cut them a little shorter would be all silver (like my bangs). Though I think it might be weird to have gray bangs. I’m not sure why I feel that, but there it is.

Re-reading this last paragraph, it’s obvious how uncertain I still am about going gray. Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Month Three

Four Months of Growth

Well, growing out my gray isn’t the most exciting thing I’ve done, I can tell you that, though it certainly causes a lot of angst for being such a non-essential life issue. I’m still divided. I love how healthy my new hair is, and sometimes I really like the white look (not under a florescent light, though). I don’t love how salt and peppery-ish the hair towards the back is. I also don’t like how crazy gray hair can get, single strands sticking out like unicorn horns. But that’s not the end of the world, so I don’t fret too much about it. I continue to look at other people’s gray hair pictures, before and afters, that sort of thing. Sometimes it helps.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

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My Gray Anatomy: Month Two

Three Months of Growth

I have discovered that letting your gray grow in is a sloooow process. I keep checking my progress in the mirror, and have even made my husband look at the back of my hair to see how much gray I have there. His response, “Lots.” I ask, “As much as my front?” He swings around to look. “No.” I’m not sure he’s my most reliable source, but it’s hard to take a good picture of the back of your own head. Maybe I need him to take the picture. Eureka!

Anyway, my front has a lot of white, but further back it appears to be more salt-n-pepper (maybe because I’m so spicy). With so many dark strands, I probably won’t lighten my hair to make the transition less noticeable. If asked, this is the story I’m going to tell people. The real reason is that I’m cheap and lazy.

It’s just nice to have an excuse that makes me sound better.


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Old Gray Mare: Going Gray, Month One**

Old Gray Mare: Going Gray Month One!

Is it strange that I’m excited about writing my second blog on going gray? Probably. But I’ve been thinking about the subject all month. Of course, now that I’m here I won’t be able to remember anything I’ve been thinking, but such is life (and old age). What I do remember is that for some strange reason the song Old Gray Mare (She Ain’t What She Used to Be) keeps going through my head.

Throughout this past month, I have vacillated between being super excited about transitioning to gray and being worried that it’s going to age me big time. I don’t want to look old. But then I tell myself that maybe after the initial aging effect, I’ll get the Steve Martin effect, where I’ll look the same age for the next 30 years.

Or more.

Note: One advantage to aging: Your delusions are easier to maintain.

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