When sixteen-year-old Gabriel Hawthorne’s dad gets sick, Gabe and his brothers are forced to move to an old family farm in Maine to make ends meet. From the moment they arrive, Gabe realizes something is not quite right about the brooding forest surrounding their new home, and does everything he can to avoid it.

He soon finds out that there are good reasons to stay away from the woods. People have gone in and never returned. Pets around town are disappearing – believed to have been taken by a wild creature – and a strange woman warns Gabe to stay away from the forest or “they will get ye.” But when he discovers that as a child he went missing in the forest for two days, with no memory of what had happened to him, he becomes truly frightened.

When the inhabitants of the Forest Immortal come for him once more, Gabe learns what monsters lurk within the dark trees. But this time, the forest doesn’t want to let him go.