Kristina Schram is available for author visits to schools (including home schooling groups), libraries, fundraisers, book stores, literacy days (or nights) and whatever other events come up! See Kristina’s Events Calendar for more details on the various author events in which she’s been involved.


As a planning committee and board member of the non-profit organization, New Hampshire AuthorFest, Kristina has been involved in bringing local authors together to help raise money to promote literacy.

She has also attended fundraising events to raise money for local libraries and donates books to schools for fundraisers. She is also happy to participate in book fairs at local book stores.


Kristina has run writing workshops for adults who are interested in improving their writing skills. She has also joined other authors to discuss and read from their works, as well as talk about being an author and the publishing process. She especially enjoys meeting with tweens and teens to discuss writing, publishing, her work and anything else literary-related that might come up.


Kristina delights in making author visits to schools and has worked with kids in grade levels ranging from first grade to middle school. Kristina typically does one-hour visits, beginning with a short reading from her latest work, then moving onto an age-appropriate, but fun, writing exercise that involves the whole class. She is happy to participate in literacy events, as well.


Unlike most introverted authors, Kristina loves to do author readings. Her enthusiasm for performing shines through as she plays the different characters in her book using various voices and accents. “At heart, I think of myself as an actor,” Kristina says. “But I was never brave enough to do a play because I’m pretty sure I’ll forget my lines. So any chance I can read from my book is like winning the golden ticket. I get to perform and the lines are all right in front of me!”

Book Stores:

Kristina has attended several local author events, discussing and signing her book, The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Prophecies. As an author, she has also participated in book fairs and educator appreciation events and is always happy to support education and literacy any way she can.