So far, so good, my fellow earth-lovers. I have mowed the lawn twice now with my push-reel mower and it actually wasn’t so bad. The grass looks good. It’s definitely still green and it’s shorter. I’m thrilled. The downside is that dandelions resist the blade with a ferocity that fits their feline name (at least the second part of it). They refuse to go down. I think I’m just going to have to use child labor to take those not so dandy weeds out. Edges are also proving to be a challenge, but I’m learning to just forget about them. So what if there’s longer grass here and there? Who’s going to notice it? On the plus side, this challenge is turning into a life lesson for me where my perfectionistic side is learning to lighten up. That which does not kill me, I remind myself, will only make me stronger.

I am getting very strong.

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