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Help Haiti

This blog is going to be quick and to the point. I know that a lot of people are strapped for cash right now, I know what Rush Limbaugh is saying about how much we’ve already given to Haiti, but I also want you to imagine how you would feel if you were a Haitian right now, watching your family and friends suffer around you (or you are suffering yourself) and there was nothing you could do to help them. That’s my worst nightmare.

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Weird Happenings in New Hampshire

The other day I was in Portsmouth doing some shopping at the local health food store before meeting back up with my family at the restaurant where my niece works. It was my mother’s birthday and we’d just taken her out for brunch at the quirky Friendly Toast and were then going to stop briefly to see my niece. The others had gone ahead so that I could do my health store shopping sans children. Finishing quickly, I hurried on to meet them. I was walking down the sidewalk, minding my own business, jauntily carrying my paper bag full of healthy products,

When it happened…

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