Wednesday Rules

I grew up reading The Addams Family and The Shining, watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when I was probably way too young, learned how to throw a tomahawk and knife from my mom, and concocted strange herbal remedies that often included a bit of my own blood (I think I still have a vial of the vile stuff somewhere).

A yard sale score

So when I thought of setting my latest series in an insane asylum, my self wasn’t the least bit surprised. What could be spookier or more macabre than an insane asylum? …Or at least what I think of when I imagine an insane asylum. Of course, I had to make my insane asylum at Nepenthe Manor more palatable than a real one. I don’t particularly like reality. I mean, I truly believe I’ll be able to buy a castle someday. But anyway, if you’ve ever been inside a mental health facility, you understand what I’m talking about. And I think anyone who has had to live in one would much prefer my asylum.


A couple things I’ve collected
Just some light reading material…

So far, of all the characters I’ve created (or who have knocked on my skull’s door), Pandora Belfry is definitely my favorite. I’m starting to think she’s my alter ego (the person I would be if I weren’t so restricted by our boring society). She does and says things I never would even dare. She’s the much more intriguing me I’d like to be.

And if I were to become more like her? I think the world should be afraid, very afraid.

One of my lethal plants  

Let me know what you think of the world I created. And if I should become more like Pandora. And if you’d like to join me in creating mayhem. And if you’re weird, too.

I like weird.