Journalist, Lily MacKenzie, is off to the Highlands of Scotland on a newspaper assignment. But in reality, she has another mission in mind, one she desperately needs to keep secret. Her arrival starts off unexpectedly when she encounters Greg Huntington, a stranger who seems to know her even though they’ve never met. Things grow more peculiar as she gets to know the Derings of Dundeid Castle, the lodging where she’s staying. Andrew Dering, the god-like laird, is welcoming enough, but appears to be hiding something. His cousin, Vivian, seems intent on sabotaging Lily’s efforts, while another relation, Ophelia, sees Lily as her savior from a mysterious illness.

As Lily works to unravel the mystery that set her on her journey, events grow increasingly complicated and dangerous, and she finds herself caught between two very different men. The reason behind her mission makes it difficult to trust either one, but when she finally ends up choosing, things go very wrong, and Lily ends up fighting for her sanity and her very life.