Here’s a little update on my computer problems, because I’m sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out. Current Status: All is well with the world. My husband was able to save all my documents and I only lost a little bit of work. Unfortunately, my computer was hosed (not completely, my husband is using it to put Linux on…or is it Linus? One of those Charlie Brown characters…). As a replacement, I have now inherited his old Mac, which is actually not that old (2 years – ancient to a techie). And I am loving it!


Mac computers are so clean and pretty and aesthetically pleasing to me. Plus, they don’t have the virus and spyware problems PCs do (or at least not nearly as many). I can change desktops with the click of my mouse – I love how the whole desktop spins around. Weeee! I can make all my documents small so that I can figure out which layer I’m working on (you know when you open up a bunch of stuff, then need to get back to the first thing you opened, but can’t find it? Well, this helps a lot!). The Mac is just plain easier for me to figure out. I need that in my life…simplicity.

My husband told me that he’s never seen a problem where a person can bring down the entire operating system and he’s seen a lot of problems and crashes and whatnot in the computer world. So I guess I have something I can be proud of. The thing is, I was hoping to add to the world through creativity. Unfortunately, it appears that I’m better at destruction.

I shall try to resist the lure of the dark side, though. As soon as I destroy the world, that is! Bwa ha ha ha ha!