My life is feeling a little out of control right now. We have just found a house we want to buy, we have to sell the one we’re living in, we have travel plans this summer, the kids are sick and so am I, we’re in the middle of a heat wave, our second car (which my husband drives to work so that we can keep eating) is dying, and I am in the midst of doing some author visits at the middle school today and tomorrow, not to mention all the end of the school year activities that are going on.


But it’s a good kind of busy so I am trying to see things that way…to just enjoy the ride even though right now I feel like I’m melting.

I had my author visit at the BPLibrary last Monday and that went well. There was one young woman who volunteers at the library that attended and she is so full of energy and motivation and excitement about writing that she made the event well worth it (that, and the free brownies!). I also made new author connections with two neat authors, Susan Colebank and Phil McGrail – go look up their books – they’re good people with good books!

Thursday I hope to publish my review on The Magic Scales, a new book by Scottish author, Sam Wilding. If I forget, I will try again next week. Since I feel like my brain is leaking out of my ears, I might forget. But I’ll get to it eventually. I typically do. My new mantra has become, “It will get done. It always does.” It’s true, so I need to start believing in it. Someday I will.

Anyway, stay cool, New Englanders, and stay tuned for my review!