It has been a long, cold winter, and Gabe Hawthorne is growing uneasy. Trouble is brewing. The Rogues are showing no signs of awakening from their slumber, and the threat of eviction looms over Gabe’s family. And then Gabe discovers a powerful cloak that makes him hear voices and incites him to do dangerous things.

To make matters worse, trouble ignites between Gabe and Jake Morrigan, son of the determined real estate agent who wants to destroy the forest and turn the land into a tourist attraction. After a fight between Jake and Gabe, Jake goes missing and Mrs. Morrigan points the finger at Gabe. Soon half the town thinks he’s guilty.

When the inhabitants of the Forest Immortal at last begin to awake, Gabe wishes they’d stayed asleep. A sickness has infected them, rotting their minds and weakening their bodies. As matters escalate, Gabe is forced to make a terrible choice – his life or the forest.

But if the dark forces have their way, neither will escape death.