Six months growth

It’s been six months of grayness. That’s half a year – 26 weeks – 182.5 days. To sum up, a lot of time. And yet…I’m still not very far along. Why, oh, why can’t I have hair like those growing hair dolls (that’s what they call them on ebay)? The ones where you pull their ponytail and out comes more hair?! That would make this process go so much faster (though possibly more painful).

Actually, it’s not that bad, mainly because I don’t spend much of my day looking in the mirror. So I can pretty much forget I’m even doing this (which I’m pretty sure means something good, don’t you agree?). Basically, at this point, I simply want to get enough gray grown in so I can make an adequate assessment of whether or not I like the look on me. Not there yet.

As of this date, no one has made any rude remarks about my hair. No comments at all, actually. That might be a combination of my being a hermit, my being prepared for rude commenting (if you’re ready, it won’t happen), and the fact that people rarely say anything to me anyway. Win-win?

I’ve included two pictures this time because I don’t have much more to tell you that’s any different from what I’ve already said. I’m still going. I’m still not sure if I like it. Still curious.

See you next month!

Six months – side shot