Seven months of growth (I need lighting like this on me all the time)

This past week my younger sister and her two kids came to visit from Missouri so I was able to see her gray hair in person. As it turns out, she’s actually not too gray, more salt-n-pepper, but it looks good on her. I’m three years older, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have more gray when all is said and done. Hmmm… Apparently I’m viewing this as a contest, but I’m not sure if I’m winning it or losing.

Anyway, I seem to have settled into the process. I don’t care so much about how I look with the gray, though I think it helps that my hair is longer now (I can wear it in a ponytail again!). I’m not a big fan of short hair on me, but I’m envious of those people who do look good in short hair – so much easier to take care of. But my long Norwegian face just isn’t made for short hair. Which is a darn shame, I tell you.

No real words of wisdom this time around, just noticing that I’ve come to be more accepting of the gray. Will that change next month? We shall see!