An Odd Romance (NEW!)

The books in this ODD (Ordinary Deficit Disorder) ROMANCE SERIES are stand alones, but they have one big thing in common. The characters aren’t your typical heroines. They might be painfully shy, super-brainy, incredibly old-fashioned, and so on. But despite their lack of the ordinary, they deserve to have romance and adventure, just like everyone else. Think…LOVE FOR ALL.


Tales From Hawthorn Lane

This PARANORMAL SERIES takes place in the dark and magical village of Hawthorn Lane, a sanctuary for the fey. Although it’s modern day, the villagers live as though in another time, with long dresses and twirling cloaks, crackling fires and fancy carriages. Trouble’s always brewing in this beguiling world, where light and dark are in constant battle for control. Think…SENSUAL, MAGICAL ADVENTURES.


Paranormal Gothic Romances

My PARANORMAL GOTHIC ROMANCE SERIES captures all that I like best about romances, paranormal activity, and Gothic darkness. Think…DREAMY, SPOOKY LOVE.

Wrath_S     IShallReturn_S     MoonDwellers_S

The Pandora Belfry Adventures

My PANDORA BELFRY ADVENTURES SERIES is about a 14-year-old girl who has lived her entire life in an insane asylum. Be prepared to encounter the macabre, the strange, the unique, and the spirited. Think…QUIRKY.

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YA Fantasy Series

The Forest Immortal Saga

My FOREST IMMORTAL SAGA TRILOGY is the fantastical story of three boys, a dark forest, and a secret. Perfect for ages 10 and up. Think…ADVENTUROUS.

Changeling_S     Oswald_S     Meltdown_S

The Chronicles of Anaedor

My ANAEDOR FANTASY SERIES is about a hidden world filled with magic, adventure, and strange creatures galore. The books are aimed at ages 10 and up. Think Harry Potter and Narnia come together. Think…MAGICAL.

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