I did my book signing today. My first ever. I signed and sold three books! Considering that I was not expecting to sell any, I am thrilled! If you are a local to the Northwood, NH area you might have heard of the shop, Beginning of Time. That’s where I had the book signing and plan on doing more there in December. It’s on Route 4, on a corner, and sells the neatest crafts! There was only one slight problem… I actually ended up spending all my profit, and then some, when I was there.

The best part of the day for me was that someone saw the ad about my book signing in the local newspaper and came with the sole purpose of checking out my book. The next best part is that they actually bought the book once they saw it. I am so psyched about that!

It went well, in my opinion. But, of course, my life cannot be without adventure, so I’ll tell you what happened the night before…

I ended up driving my husband to the emergency room. He had hurt his ankle that morning, knocking against wooden steps as he was climbing the stairs. There was a scrape, but no swelling or anything, so I thought he was fine. That evening he comes hobbling up the stairs (his computer is in the basement) and I demanded that he show me his foot because I couldn’t believe that a simple scrape was causing him that much agony. Naturally, it was all swollen up. I called my mom. She strongly advised that we go into the emergency room that night instead of waiting another day. Why? Because my husband is a breaker of bones.

Unfortunately, he had something wrong with his wrist, too.

He had already had an x-ray on the wrist, which has been bothering him for a month and a half, but the x-ray technician, who was new on the job, didn’t actually x-ray the right side of the wrist. So, while we were in the emergency room for his ankle, we had them x-ray his wrist. So far they are saying that they don’t see anything broken. Big relief, right? Unfortunately, x-rays can’t see cartilage. The attending nurse practitioner thought that there might be broken cartilage. The ankle is supposedly only bruised. I won’t believe that until my husband sees a specialist. I had a niece who was told she didn’t have a broken wrist by the emergency room physician, but since she’d had broken bones before she was pretty sure her bone was broken. The specialist took one look at it and told her it was broken – before he even examined the x-rays. So excuse me if I’m a little skeptical, nothing against the nurse practitioner – he seemed like a nice guy.

I am hoping against there being anything broken, not only for my poor husband, but because I would be the one who would have to plow the driveway with our new tractor that I nearly killed myself with.

That just wouldn’t be cool…