Pandora Belfry is back, but she’s not better than ever. Her recent fall from the Pine River Bridge has been causing her all sorts of problems. To make matters worse, she can’t remember why she fell in the first place – or if it was even an accident.

To avoid aggravating a bad concussion, and to protect her from the ‘mystery man,’ who recently tried to kidnap her, Pandora is forced to remain indoors. Her patience is soon tested, however, and she ends up picking a fight with a new patient. For their show-down, she chooses the abandoned theater, which her mother has warned her to stay away from. If caught, she risks the horror of being sent away to live with her grandmother, but backing out is never an option for Pandora Belfry.

As if she hasn’t got enough to deal with, her half-brother, Xavier, isn’t talking to her, Dougie Daft has gotten a job at the asylum, and she can’t shake the feeling that she’s slowly losing her mind. She needs to figure out what happened that day at the bridge, keep the posse from self-destructing by taking on a precarious new project, and discover who the ‘mystery man’ is, all while fighting the nagging feeling she has something seriously wrong with her.