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The Magic Scales

You might remember me mentioning a while back about how I did some editing work for a new fantasy author, Scottish writer, Sam Wilding. His book is titled The Magic Scales and has just been released. I told him that when his book was published, I would do a review on it, so here it is…

I really liked it!

Yes, there’s more. Here’s what the book is about:

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Prince Caspian Rocks!

Brace yourself because there’s going to be a lot of exclamation points in this blog…

This weekend, my family and I finally made it to see Prince Caspian (my husband keeps calling it Prince Cassidy) and I loved it! Everything from the scenery – amazing (I want to move there) to the battle scenes, was wonderful. One of my favorite parts – and I always like these scenes – was watching Prince Caspian flee on horseback. There’s just something about watching a lone rider racing on a horse across the open plains, or through the woods, or wherever it may be (though I don’t actually like horse racing, go figure). I also liked watching the fauns jumping around and one scene where a centaur reared. Very cool. One of the repetitive images that I enjoyed was whenever they showed the four siblings lined up in a row. I don’t know why I liked that, but I did.

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Where I Got My Love For Fantasy

Prophecies_SMy mom has the best imagination! She’s always making unique things for my kids, or coming up with fun games for them to play. I love that she has passed along this part of herself by instilling in her kids (all five of us) and in her grandkids a love of the mysterious, the magical, and the mischievousness of life.

Here’s her latest achievement…

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Prince Caspian Is Coming!

So who’s getting excited about the next Chronicles of Narnia movie coming out? Me! And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll be excited, too. Spring has sprung in New England and everything is looking fresh and wonderful. I am full of hope and ready for all the great things coming my way. What better way to greet spring than with an epic adventure that was filmed in Ireland, one of my favorite ‘I can’t wait to visit’ countries, among other exotic locations?

Ah, yes… Prince Caspian is coming!

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Write About What You Know

The writing experts tell us novices that we should write about what we know. If I were take this literally, I’d be in big trouble. I write about mythical worlds and fantastical creatures. I’ve never been to a mythical world (if you don’t count my happy place) and I’ve never met a fantastical creature (if you don’t count my family). How can I ‘write about what I know’ when the topic is something that I’ve never experienced?

Obviously, the statement, “Write about what you know” can’t be entirely true. Or can it?

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