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My Paltry Contribution to National Poetry Month

I’ve been sick, the family has been sick, plus a million other things have been going on. So, what’s a writer to do? Write a poem! Okay, I really just dredged up a poem I wrote a long time ago and edited it. It’s perfectly dreary, fitting my current mood (well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but let’s just go with it).

So, without further ado, here’s my paltry contribution to National Poetry Month (which is always in April, BTW)…

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A Poem of Great Intensity: Is There Any Other Kind?

Water is dripping Drip, drip, drip Snow is melting Wakka, wakka, wakka.

Hey, that doesn’t even rhyme!


Here’s a real poem that I wrote, but it doesn’t rhyme, either.

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