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Developing Your Story Idea

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has told me that they would like to write a book someday. I’d have at least a $100 by now. My question is: Why wait? Do you have an idea? Do you have an idea, but have no clue where to start?

Personally, I’ve never had too much of a problem coming up with story ideas. My head is filled with them (perhaps overfilled, one might say). Most writers are the same way. We just can’t turn our imaginations off. Maybe that’s why people look at us funny. Our minds are so stuffed with characters and ideas from our fictional worlds, that sometimes these things just start slipping out. On occasion, my husband has to say to me, “Come back, Kristina. Come back!”

Okay. I’m back. So you’ve got lots of ideas. Now what?

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The Art of Transition: How to Make Your Writing Flow

Hey, everyone! I’ve put together a workshop designed to help other writers learn from my mistakes. Try to do the exercises yourself before looking at the suggested changes.

One of the hardest things about writing well is achieving what I call flow. What does that mean? Giving a rhythm to your writing. When you read a book, each word, sentence and paragraph flows into the next one, right? If it doesn’t, it’s jarring to the reader. Good storytellers don’t just have a good story, they know how to tell it. Look at the troubadours. They actually followed a distinct verse form.

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A Poem of Great Intensity: Is There Any Other Kind?

Water is dripping Drip, drip, drip Snow is melting Wakka, wakka, wakka.

Hey, that doesn’t even rhyme!


Here’s a real poem that I wrote, but it doesn’t rhyme, either.

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Beware of Writing Scams

Anyone who wants to become a published author has a dream. We imagine ourselves sending in our first book, someone reads it and is so impressed, they actually call and ask to serve as our agent – for peanuts. We graciously accept their offer. They send out our book and immediately several publishing companies compete for the rights to it, clamoring, fighting, giving each other swirlies. We go with the company who has the best reputation, seems honorable, and most importantly, offers the most money.

Not long after our book is published, we hit the New York bestseller’s list, in record time, of course. We do the talk show circuit, our fans just can’t get enough of us, and we become famous.

And then reality hits…

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