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Hi Ho Silver, I’m Going Gray!

Photo on 1-9-18 at 2.15 PM

The beginning of my gray hair adventure

Yes, I have decided to take the plunge. No, not the Polar Bear one. I’m going gray. Or, more eloquently, silver. My hair started turning gray in my 20s, a strand here, a strand there. Not too scary. Then, in my 30s, I began dyeing my hair to cover those gray strands, which had started reproducing at an alarming rate. And now, at age 47, I have no idea what my hair color is, nor do my children. I told my youngest son I was going to go gray and he asked why…he didn’t see any gray. So I had him come closer, and I pulled back my bangs to reveal my white roots. His response? “Oh wow. I didn’t realize there was so much.”

Oh, the honesty of youth.

I’m not sure what made me change my mind about going gray. Last year I would have said I’m going to fight aging with every weapon at my disposal. But a week ago, I did an abrupt about face. Maybe it was seeing a picture of my younger sister, who has already transitioned. She looks good. Maybe it was coming across a photo of model, Cindy Joseph, sporting her fabulous silver mane.  Maybe it was my crunchy straw hair and split ends and the realization that my roots already really showed and not even a month had passed since my last coloring. Probably it was all that stuff coming together, like a perfect storm. Continue reading

The Battle to Become Published

I just published a new e-book(let), and boy, was it a battle getting it out there. First of all, when submitting to Amazon, I screwed up the title. Of my own book! I accidentally called it, The Battle to Become Published: When Great Expectations Go Awry, rather than its real name, The Battle to Become an Author: When Great Expectations Go Awry. And yes, you’re all probably going to remember the first title…it’s what I typed more times than I care to admit when searching to see if my book was up on Amazon yet.

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How Do I Get Motivated to Write?

Let’s face it. We are all busy people. All of us. So how does a person make the time, summon up the energy, and find the motivation to follow their dreams?

It isn’t easy. I have three young boys and a household to run. When I first started writing, I was in graduate school. Later, I was the brand new mother of a baby, then another one and another one. It wasn’t easy making – forging – the time to write. Sometimes (most of time), I had to trick myself into doing it, especially when I first started writing or was very, very tired because my child was up sick all night.

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How Can A Person Be Original When Everything’s Already Been Done?

There’s a reason I’ll never be the next Shakespeare or Tolkien. They beat me to it. You see, I think I could have created great works if only I’d been born at an earlier time. Okay, so maybe not. But I tell you it’s awfully hard being unique in today’s age.

Look at the fashion world. Every twenty years, they recycle a look. The only way you can be unique in fashion today is to paint your outfits onto your body – ha, ha, ha. Oh, wait. That’s already been done.


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