How do you go about meeting the love of your life when the very act of speaking fills you with dread? A self-described odd bean, Alison MacReade can sabotage a conversation in two seconds flat, so she’s learned to keep her mouth shut and her world small. But when she decides to make a change, her efforts backfire spectacularly, nearly destroying her dull, but safe life. Out of the blue, an unknown great-aunt invites her to stay at her castle in the Scottish Highlands, and despite her misgivings, Alison makes the daunting decision to go.

Once in Scotland, she meets Gavin, a confident, outgoing lawyer, who takes her under his wing while her great-aunt recuperates from surgery. Things between them are going surprisingly awesome, until Alison’s formidable relative comes home early, and Gavin’s perfect ex-girlfriend shows up. To complicate matters, secrets from Alison’s past threaten her efforts to transform herself, and she must confront those secrets or lose out on this chance at a better life.

Come join Alison in beautiful Scotland as she struggles to regain the voice she thought lost forever, and find a love she never thought she could have.