Oh, dear. I haven’t written a post for a really long time. I’d blame the pandemic, but my last post was in 2018. That’s awful. But after surviving the pandemic, I kind of don’t care. I don’t think you do, either. Luckily I did a fair amount of writing on my books in 2019. Luckily, because once the Coronavirus hit, my writing took a huge detour. Actually, it hit a brick wall. I hardly got anything done and was so easily distracted I just sort of gave up on the whole endeavor. Some bad things happened to me and my family in 2020, too, so maybe it’s just as well I didn’t produce anything then. I don’t want to be reminded of that crappy year in any way, shape, or form. We even put off buying a new car so it wouldn’t be from 2020. Why did we need a new car? Well, that was part of the crappy year – my husband totaled our best one going to pick up Chinese food. Apparently, according to every single person working the scene that I encountered that night, were in agreement: my husband was lucky to be alive. So that’s one good thing to come out of that year. There were other good things, but all in all, I just want to leave it behind. There were some big, bad things that happened, and I say, good riddance to that year.

On the plus side, I have started working again and am about to publish a new book. It’s the first of an odd romance series (the characters are all a bit different). Will it catch on? I have no idea. The books are stand-alones, so that’s something. If the first one is a miss, I can stop writing them and no one will be left hanging. There’s something to be said for that.

So that’s it. I’m not sure why I bothered writing this post since I’m pretty sure no one reads them, but there it is. My first published words in two years. Wahooie.

One last thing: May the 4th be with you.