In this second book of the Tales From Hawthorn Lane series, Lorelle Gragan, the village gatherer and brew-maven, is determined to leave Hawthorn Lane to right a wrong she committed when she’d fled from her home six long years ago. But after an unexpected encounter with Kyran Van der Daarke, the new Count of Castle Daarke, she reluctantly agrees to stay one more week. She is not prepared, however, for the backlash she faces when an anonymous troublemaker incites the villagers to turn against her.

After a particularly vicious attack, it’s clear Lorelle must go, but once again a powerful force is at work, foiling her escape. Who is behind this hindrance? Count Van der Daarke? His cousin, Renwick, who turns to Lorelle to help him escape the clutches of his former lover? Or maybe it’s the mysterious intruder who breached Hawthorn Lane’s border, and whose malicious intent endangers the entire village.

When Lorelle is driven into a perilous situation, she is forced to make a choice. Caught between two worlds, she comes to realize that no matter what decision she makes—to stay or to leave—she cannot escape the destructive power of the curse.