The Little Red Building on the Corner

For several months now I have been intrigued by the little red building on the corner. Day after day, I’ve seen workers coming and going, and vans and utility trucks driving in and out, busy as bees. The building is quiet now, yet I can tell work still continues inside, and I wonder is it ever going to be finished? And when it is, What’s my little red building going to be?

My imagination hasn’t exactly run amok with mad ideas, but it has conjured up a few scenarios:

*A cozy cafe/bakery where I can eat lunch or drink a pot of tea and write down delicious story ideas full of quirky sparks and warm bonhomie. On weekend evenings they will offer live entertainment and my husband and I can sit and enjoy a bit of adult, quiet time without having to drive a half hour to get there.

*A new and used bookstore where I will find secret books full of magic and wondrous adventures. Where they have open mike night and I can read my terrible poetry. Where I will meet the eccentric owner and discuss Camus.

*A unique boutique full of wonderful, imaginative clothes just my size.

*All three combined.

Just about every day I drive past the little building and the wait to see what it’s going to be has me feeling both frustrated and wonderful, as though I were on an adventure. I want the journey to end, yet I don’t. I’d like to get going on acting out my fantasies, you see. But then again, what if I ask and I find out my mystery building is merely going to be someone’s house? That would be a very sad day indeed – well, for me, anyway. I’m sure the owners wouldn’t agree. Or maybe the building is a
business that sells snow blowers. From the beginning, an orange snow blower has lurked on the porch like an ugly gnome. Are the owners already advertising? Egad, I hope not. I cannot eat pastries on a snow blower.

My little town is great and living here feels like an honor. But I would love to see a special place where people can gather and watch other people going about their lives, where they can talk and eat good food, where they can laugh and cry and sing kumbaya, all in a magical atmosphere that brings you back again and again.

What will the little red building on the corner be? What’s your guess?
And please…nothing to do with machines.
A girl’s got to dream.

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  1. It better not be a harmonica shop. I’m just saying.

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