When a cryptic letter arrives from Evalina Filmore’s two aunts, she travels to England to find out what they want, figuring this will be the chance to experience the romantic adventure she has so often read about in her beloved gothic novels. When she arrives, she finds the eerie mansion, the strange atmosphere, and the adventure, as hoped. But there are troubles.

On the train, she meets a man who, upon learning her name, walks away without a word of explanation. Not long after, she passes unharmed through a wood called the Wrath, even though, as she later learns, no one ever has. While in the Wrath, she meets a tantalizing and seductive stranger, one who just might be her gothic hero.

But he has a secret. It seems everyone in the village does, including her aunts, and it’s up to Evie to figure out what is going on before the Wrath lures her in and never lets her go.


“I couldn’t put it down.”

–M.W. Busser

“The story drew me in from the very first paragraph.”

–A.M. Gerard

“I do like a good Gothic and this is definitely a good one. Don’t miss it.”

–Elizabeth Shawn, author of Witch One Dunnit?