Nine-year-old Alex Greven gets a book deal. Have you heard this? Does it make you want to scream? If you are a struggling writer or author like myself, you probably know where I’m heading with this. Does it seem fair to you that a 9-year-old should get his 46-page book on “How to Talk to Girls” published, and by HarperCollins, no less, when the rest of us have invested our hearts and souls and worked our fingers to bloodied stumps writing fascinating and compelling 300-page novels that no one wants?

Not to me.

Am I jealous? You bet your booty I am. Little Alex writes a pamphlet to sell on the playground and ends up getting published…and Fox has acquired the film rights! If I tried to sell my book on the playground, I’d be hauled off to jail. Here I am working my little patootie off while he’s raking in the money giving advice about how to get a girl (and maddeningly, he just might have some valid points). I’m saddened by this news, but not surprised.

How is this fair?

But heck, this is America. Land of the free and home of the brave. I should be glad that I am free and try harder to be brave. Good for Alex for doing something besides playing video games and torturing small animals. He is hope for future generations. Also, taking sneak peeks at the book, he’s pretty funny, too. Dangit.

Alex, you just keep on keeping on and ignore embittered authors like myself. We’re just jealous.

Terribly, horribly jealous.

So what’s a person to do with this jealousy? Well, first fix yourself a bowl of ice cream and then devour it. After stewing and complaining about the unfairness of it all for a couple hours, take a deep breath and redirect all that energy into the positive. That means, get back to work. Tell yourself that someday your efforts will be acknowledged, someday they will pay off. Because, chances are, if you’re that dedicated and motivated, things will work out…

Then life will finally be unfair in your favor, at the expense of someone just like you used to be. Won’t that feel great?