Here in New England we are getting nailed again and again with snow and wind and cold temps.  So when an opportunity came up to attend a Literary Evening (from 6-9) at Zorvino Vineyards, I jumped at it.  As a SAHM (stay-at-home mom to the uninitiated), getting out and about for events other than something school/grocery shopping/library-related is rare.  You’d think I’d have all this time with all my kids in school full-time now, but actually I find that ‘the bus is here’ time arriving more quickly with each passing day.

With being a SAHM, and it being February, and a hard winter to boot, I’m ready to get out of the house.  What better way to accomplish that than to do a book signing where other adults will be milling about sampling good wines and discussing fine literature and, of course, buying books.  They can buy a bottle of wine and a few good novels for themselves, and then buy a signed copy of The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Prophecies to salve their conscience for leaving the kids at home.  Doesn’t that sound like just the thing?

I’ve always loved vineyards, especially after visiting wine country in California (which sounds achingly tempting right about now).  But I’m always surprised at the number of vineyards located right here in New Hampshire.  Such spots always seem so beautiful and relaxing to me, even in the winter.  On February 11th, I can’t wait to grab the hubby, my box o’ books and a handful of book markers, and head on down to Sandown for a night on the ‘town’.  Entrance is free, there will be a cash bar and free samples of their wines, and several raffles to raise money for four local libraries.  I plan to enter a few of those raffles myself…or better yet, I’ll have the hubby do it for me because I’m sure I’ll be getting overrun by people wanting to buy my book (one can always dream).

The reason I’m writing about this event isn’t just to brag about the fact, if it doesn’t blizzard, that I get to attend it (that’s only most of the reason).  For those of you who are aspiring to be authors or are already authors (self-published or otherwise), you have probably discovered that in this day and age you have to think outside the box in terms of marketing and selling your book.  That means considering other venues for getting your book out in the public eye.  Personally I think having a book event at a vineyard is a genius idea (though sadly it wasn’t mine)!  Even better, these sort of events are not just about you selling your book and the vineyard selling its wine, it’s also about raising money for a good cause.  I love libraries so any event that raises money for them is awesome in my book

So put together a plan, then get out there in your community and search out those venues that might consider doing business with you.  Be sure to contact other authors you might know and you’ve got yourself an event!  And if you happen to live anywhere near Sandown, NH, I hope to see you enjoying yourself at Zorvino’s Literary Evening!