Hello and welcome to my blog. I was going to call this, Writer’s Blog, but thought someone must have come up with that clever play on words by now (Writer’s blog, writer’s block, get it?). Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking… Keep your day job, Kristina.

So why am I blogging? Well, I am about to become a published author. Woohoo! I am a wee bit excited about the big event, which you might have picked up on when you read the ‘woohoo’ part.

But I really am psyched! Though maybe that’s because I’ve been plugging away at this writing stuff for over 10 years now (writing books, that is. I’ve done plenty of bad poetry and soulful journaling). Prior to the book that I’m publishing in November, I wrote 4 other books. Maybe someday I’ll go back and fix them, but for now I must consider these mere scribblings as practice (yes, I know, that sounds like a lot to just ‘write off,’ ha, ha, but it was necessary, believe me). I wrote these books for an adult audience, but when people read them, one of the major criticisms they made was that my heroine seemed rather young (a nice way of saying she was immature, obnoxiously so).

So I had to rethink my focus…

That’s when I came up with the idea of writing for young adults. I love fantasy fiction so I decided to focus on that genre (being, of course, inspired by the Harry Potter books, like the rest of the writing world–or so it seems now). But I also read this kind of genre as a kid (The Chronicles of Narnia come to mind) and into adulthood, as well. I guess I never grew up, which might explain why all my heroines aren’t very adult-like.

My very first book is called (speak the following part in a loud thundering voice)… The Chronicles of Anaedor: The Prophecies. It’s due out November, 2007. Be sure to check my website for updates on the release date, since I’m not sure of the exact date yet–it’s in editing right now (I love saying that). You can find the book on Breakneckbooks.com (that’s my publishing company) and amazon.com. But I’ll be doing some more shameless plugs in the future, when my book is actually available, so don’t worry if you forget. I’ll be there to remind you.

I will be blogging several times a week, talking about the process of writing and publishing, all while trying to have a life. Ha! My goal is to relate the grueling process of trying to publish my book, market it, and not want to jump off a cliff at the end of the day. Because I’m going through a small press, I face a larger challenge of getting my book out there in the public eye. So wish me luck!