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A Paranormal Period Piece

Bewitching_LI love dark things, and I love period pieces. I love the paranormal side of life, and I love the Victorian era. I love intrigue, and I love romance. So what did I do? I incorporated all that wonderful stuff into my latest series: Tales From Hawthorn Lane, a sensual saga that takes place in the dark and magical village of Hawthorn Lane – a sanctuary for the fey.

Although it’s modern day, the villagers live as though in another time, with long dresses and twirling cloaks, crackling fires and fancy carriages. Trouble’s always brewing in this beguiling world, where light and dark are in a constant battle for control. Lorelle Gragan, the main character, struggles to find herself, to shed her mask, to believe in love in this strange and chaotic world where nothing is as it seems. Beneath the facade she wears to protect herself lurks a powerful sensual force that’s just waiting to break free, and when it does, nothing will ever be the same for her or the residents of Hawthorn Lane.

Take a look at the synopsis for Bewitching Hawthorn Lane, the first book in the series…

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The Secret Life of Kristina Schram

I just ordered The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, one of my favorite short stories. I’ve always wanted to have my own copy. After rereading it – I read it many moons ago for a high school English class – I found I wasn’t as swept away as I remembered being at sixteen (I find that happens a lot when rereading stories I loved as a kid/teenager). But that’s okay. I still like the story. It’s about a man, Walter Mitty, who is married to a domineering woman. To escape from her constant mothering (and that’s putting it politely), he resorts to living in a fantasy world where he is in charge, admired, and looked up to. At age sixteen, I could really relate to the whole idea of a fantasy world.

Like Mr. Mitty, it was the one place where I had any power.

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