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Paranormal Ponderings…

What started my paranormal ponderings? I think I’ve always believed in a world that exists beyond my average, everyday life. I think most of us do, or want to, anyway. Why not? Believing in the unusual adds a little spice to life, especially during cold New England Januaries and Februaries. Besides, since I can’t actually rule out the existence of mythical creatures, ghosts, and the like, I’ve decided that it would behoove me to keep an open mind about most everything.

At the moment, I’m busy editing my book, I Shall Return, which is a Paranormal Gothic Romance, and have also published a PGR called The Wrath. Writing these books has stirred up memories of my own paranormal experiences, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

Inspired by Ghost Hunters  

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Take A Drive on the Wild Side

For those of you who might have noticed, I took a brief hiatus from my blogs. Why? Well, my family and I were busy driving back to mine and my husband’s home state of Minnesota. It took us three days to get there. Three days in a minivan with three boys, three adults and a little dog, plus all our stuff (which tripled on the way home). Somehow we managed to make it there and back safely…

Without anyone having to be put to death.

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