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Editing 101: Too Many Words!

Note: I’m reposting the following because 1) I am lazy, and 2) because I thought you might benefit from my many, many mistakes. So really, I’m doing this for you.

As I am currently editing book two of the Anaedor series, I thought I’d try to capture some of the problems I’ve found and pass them along to you to fix. I mean, learn from. Of course, I was nearly at the end of the book when I discovered something I wished I had figured out 400 pages earlier.

I use too many words!

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Write About What You Know

The writing experts tell us novices that we should write about what we know. If I were take this literally, I’d be in big trouble. I write about mythical worlds and fantastical creatures. I’ve never been to a mythical world (if you don’t count my happy place) and I’ve never met a fantastical creature (if you don’t count my family). How can I ‘write about what I know’ when the topic is something that I’ve never experienced?

Obviously, the statement, “Write about what you know” can’t be entirely true. Or can it?

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The Art of Transition: How to Make Your Writing Flow

Hey, everyone! I’ve put together a workshop designed to help other writers learn from my mistakes. Try to do the exercises yourself before looking at the suggested changes.

One of the hardest things about writing well is achieving what I call flow. What does that mean? Giving a rhythm to your writing. When you read a book, each word, sentence and paragraph flows into the next one, right? If it doesn’t, it’s jarring to the reader. Good storytellers don’t just have a good story, they know how to tell it. Look at the troubadours. They actually followed a distinct verse form.

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