When the first perplexing riddle appears on the secret door to his turret room, Gabe Hawthorne knows he’s in trouble. He suspects Oswald, leader of the Rogues, a troublemaker who has claimed Gabe is trying to usurp his title, King of the Forest Immortal. But Gabe wants nothing to do with being King, or the forest itself. He just wants to solve the riddles and end this mess once and for all.

Standing in his way are two local busybodies determined to take ownership of the forest and cut down all the trees to make way for malls and condos. Gabe, along with his two brothers and their friends, race to stop them, but are routed at each turn by a host of enemies.

Gabe must solve the riddles and end this dangerous game before someone dies, but as the cold of winter approaches, time is running out. If Gabe cannot complete their mission soon, he could end up trapped in the Forest Immortal…