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Life Is Crazy!

My life is feeling a little out of control right now. We have just found a house we want to buy, we have to sell the one we’re living in, we have travel plans this summer, the kids are sick and so am I, we’re in the middle of a heat wave, our second car (which my husband drives to work so that we can keep eating) is dying, and I am in the midst of doing some author visits at the middle school today and tomorrow, not to mention all the end of the school year activities that are going on.


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My Workshop Workout

Well, I ran my writer’s workshop on Wednesday. I spent the whole day running errands so I wouldn’t have time to get anxious about it. At lunchtime I drank a diet coke, which I don’t normally do because caffeine gives me the shakes–like I need more of that. I told myself that drinking it 6 and 1/2 hours prior to the workshop should keep me perky and alert without the whole body convulsions that can happen when I’m nervous and have caffeine in my system. When I got home, I went to visit the neighbors for a little while, hoping to keep my mind off my upcoming ‘performance.’ While I was there, I thought that time seemed to be moving awfully slowly. This is great, I thought. For once I don’t have to rush!

Then I realized my watch had stopped.

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