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Take A Drive on the Wild Side

For those of you who might have noticed, I took a brief hiatus from my blogs. Why? Well, my family and I were busy driving back to mine and my husband’s home state of Minnesota. It took us three days to get there. Three days in a minivan with three boys, three adults and a little dog, plus all our stuff (which tripled on the way home). Somehow we managed to make it there and back safely…

Without anyone having to be put to death.

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Free Day!

My electricity went out this morning. At the time, I had yet to shower or brush my teeth (and I had raisin bran for breakfast, dangit – that taste does not go away on its own, let me tell you). All the clocks in the house were blinking at me, so I had no idea what time it was and the boys had to catch the bus soon. I had grocery shopping to do later that morning, plus I was combatting a nasty stomach virus.

This was going to be a grand day.

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