Pandora Belfry, along with the eccentric members of her posse, is back, and looking for trouble. The posse’s first order of business is to break into the off-limits labyrinth, even though they can’t find its door. Against her mother’s wishes, Pandora also works to solve the mystery of her father’s identity. Perhaps he’s a staff member, or maybe he’s the stranger haunting the beach late at night.

Topping the list of possible dad candidates is the new therapist, Dr. Steele, who keeps popping up in Pandora’s life like an annoying, but handsome, nanny. To add to her problems, Pandora’s date with the slimy, but oddly fascinating, Dougie Daft, is fast approaching. She isn’t sure how to get out of it, or even if she dares to. Her new acquaintance, Giganticus, certainly doesn’t want her to go, but if she doesn’t, she’ll be obligated to Dougie Daft, and that’s the last thing any sane person would want…

Come join the posse on their latest, a-maze-ing adventure. Just one warning: Watch out for snakes!